Seaglass Bracelets Reclaimed Net

Seaglass in colors reminiscent of beach umbrellas is a cheerful focal point for this bracelet.  Customers can mix and match to create fun stacks of bracelets. Made with authentic reclaimed net from the Gulf of Mexico. Saves sea life and shore birds because net that becomes jewelry is prevented from becoming ghost net. Each square of net is linked with antique silver rings and finished with an adjustable slide closure so they are easy to take on and off. Fits most wrists.


sea glass bracelets reclaimed net 6 piece set

Seaglass Bracelets 6 pc Assorted Colors

Seaglass Bracelets are made with authentic reclaimed net because we believe the most desirable products have positive environmental impact.   Zatara’s Net & Hand bracelets encircle the wrist with ocean-positive style. They identify the wearer as a friend of the environment and all things coastal.   Artisans handcraft each bracelet in Florida. We use net reclaimed from the Gulf of Mexico because removing potential ghost net is critical to the survival of important species.   First, inspectors throughly check, clean, and trim the net. Then net transforms into the bracelet band. Brass rings link each square so that it is soft and flexible.  Great focal points add interest. Seaglass reclaimed net bracelets feature frosted glass beads in an assortment of colors reminiscent of beach umbrellas.  They are a cheerful, classic, coastal look suitable for anyone. They add a bright pop of color to a fun stack of personal favorites! Seaglass bracelets are for people who love bright happy beach days! Each bracelet in this  6 piece pack comes individually carded. The pack contains one each of six unique colors finished with antique silver. Each bracelet also has Zatara’s Net Infinity/Net & Hand double sided logo charm. Finally, they have adjustable slide closures.  Fits most wrists.






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